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Mystery Device
Item: [MDEV-4] $10.00

Mystery Device Mystery Device

Title: Mystery Device
Item: [MDEV-4] $10.00

Condition: NOS

Mystery Device (#MDEV-4)

We have no idea what this thing is. It appears to be something for the military.
This device is new and never used. It is a chassis that has not yet been wired.
It might make a nice project chassis.

The chassis is marked SM-C-691761. It is 6 inches long by 4.5 inches wide.
It has four stand-offs, one at each corner to mount the chassis.
From the top surface to the bototm of the stand-off is one inch.
The tallest installed tube is the 6080 which is 3.25 inches from the top surface of the chassis to the top of the tube.
The socket screws are steel. everythig else appears to be non-magnetic.
The tube complement consists of:
1ea 5R4WGYA (not present).
1ea 6080WA (Ratheon JAN 6080WB installed).
1ea 6005 (GE JAN 6005/6AQ5W installed) with shield.
1ea 0A2WA (Raytheon 0A2WA installed) with shield.
1ea 5751 (not present) with shield.
1ea 5654 (JAN 5654/6AK5 RCA installed) with shield.
1ea 5654 (JAN 5654 Sylvania installed) with shield.
1ea 5654 (JAN 5654 GE installed) with shield.
1ea 5654 (JAN 5654 GE installed) with shield.

This item is sold as is (no return).

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