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Title: B & K Dyna-Quik Model 550 Dynamic Mutual Conductance Tube Tester
Item: [BNK-550] $199.00

B & K Dyna-Quik Model 550 Dynamic Mutual Conductance Tube Tester
Item: [BNK-550] $199.00

Condition: used

B & K Dyna-Quik Model 550 Dynamic Mutual Conductance Tube Tester

This is a working tube tester.
This tester is a dynamic mutual conductance tester (the best kind).
It uses the B&K balanced test circuit so that there is no need for line adjustment.
It uses two tubes 83 and 6BN8. Both check out in good condition.
It has seen better days but is still in good condition. The sockets are all tight.
The tester functions correctly and gives correct readings.
There is some minor rust on the hinges and clasps, but they all work fine.
There is wear, tears and surface scratches in the cloth on the case.
The rubber feet are still in good condition. The power cord is in good condition. The tube cap clip cable is a replacement, but is still functional.
There is no manual with this tester and part of the setup chart is missing, but the manuals can easily be found on the internet.
This tester was designed to test the most popular octal tubes, 7 and 9 pin miniature tubes without requiring the usual multitude of setup switches. You only need to set the heater voltage and sensitivty and the test you want to perform, then plug the tube in the proper socket.
You can still test the less popular tubes using the 610 adapter installed in the lid.
The electrolytic capacitors have been replaced with new ones and a resistor that was fried has also been replaced. The resistor was a located on the #1 grid of the 6SN7 tube socket. It was fried either due to a plate to grid short, or an incorrect tubes was plugged into the socket. The resistor then did it's job of self-sacrific thereby protecting the rest of the tube tester.
The resistor was replaced to restore the tester back to normal operation.
Protection diodes were installed across the meter to help protect it.
A new handle was installed to replace the broken original handle.

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